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Our school

In our school there are 505 students divided in 24 classes (21 students per class) and 39 teachers. In the lower primary (grades 1 to 4) every class has one teacher for all subjects, except for Foreign language and Religion; while in the upper primary (grades 5 to 8) there is a different teacher for each subject. This school year we have three grade 5 classes, three grade 6 classes, four grade 7 classes and three grade 8 classes.

Our school is located in an immigrants' settlement. Most students live close to school, so they don't need to use public transportation to get to school, they go on foot. Just opposite the school there is a Catholic church. In a radius of 3 km there are five other primary schools, one secondary school and four Catholic parishes.

The school building is fairly new, as it was built in 2007, and it is architectually attractive and innovative. We work in two shifts: the morning shift from 8 am to 1:05 pm, and the afternoon shift from 1:05 pm to 6:15 pm. The school opened in September 2007. It is technically well equipped, each classroom has its own PC with LCD projector.

Schools in Croatia offer two foreign languages; the first is taught from grade 1 and the second, which is optional, is added in grade 4. German is less popular than English and some students drop out of this subject, which creates a problem for our German teachers because they lose teaching hours which potentially leads to a loss in teaching positions.

Our school has 19 special needs students. Five of them need additional support because of their medical condition, so they have an assistant. Unfortunately, there are not enough assistants, so one assistant must care for two special needs students. All our special needs students have individualised programs which are adapted according to their abilities.

All our students have one-day excursions once a year, and grade 7 students usually have an overnight excursion lasting 3-4 days at the seaside. All excursions are tied to the curriculum and often involve trips to museums, galleries, theatres and various geographical regions of Croatia.
There are two performances put on by the students each year: the Christmas concert and the School Day concert. Other celebrations include Thanksgiving, Earth Day, etc. The school is also involved in many projects such as The schools for Africa, GLOBE, various sports programs, etc.

Our school in numbers

Number of elementary classroom teachers: 14

Number of junior (subject) teachers: 25

Number of classes: 25

Number of elementary pupils (grades one to four): 271

Number of junior pupils (grades five to eight): 258


The principal: Ljiljana Benčec-Miklečić

The School Profesional Support:

Special Education Teacher: Ana Habul-Tatarović
Psychologist: Marija Mikulić

Librarian: Krešimir Petrak

School Logo

School Logo

Brojač posjeta
Ispis statistike od 22. 6. 2010.

Ukupno: 1062705


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