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With warm greetings and great pride, we would like to wlcome you to Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School and its history. Our school has its first beginnings in the development of education in the Sesvete area. The history ofeducation int he Sesvete foothills tells us that pupils from Sesvetska Sopnica attended school in Sesvete. The school in Sesvete first opened in December 1864 in today's Bjelovarska 32 (this building is still preserved today). The first teacher was Franjo Ivoš, and the first priest was Father Josip pl. Kovačić. Sixty-seven pupils were enrolled int he school. At the school opening, a blessing was held with the theme "All starts with God“.

With time, the "old school“ became too small. A new, bigger school "Marijan Badel“ (nowdays "Sesvete") was constructed and opened in 1954. This school also became too small. After 24 years(1975), Luka Elementary School was opened which encompased the pupils from Sesvetska Sopnica. Only in  the 1983-1984 school year did Sesvetska Sopnica get her own affiliate school which housed grades one to four. Elementary pupils from grades five to eight attended Luka Elementary School until 1991. At this time, Luka Elementary School was divided into two school: Luka Elementary I and Luka Elementary II. The affiliate school Sesvteska Sopnica was part of Luka Elementary II. This was true untill the end oft he 2006-2007  school year. Over the past ten years residents of Sesvetska Sopnica, parents, pupils and their representitives fought tirelessly and passionately to build Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School.

The municipal decision of the City of Zagreb on the 17th of May 2007 passed the proposal for Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School. On the 10th of September 2007, with  an audience of happy pupils, teachers, support and technical staff, parents, residents and guests, the school was opwnwd by Mr. Milan Bandić, mayor oft he city of Zagreb. The school and public were blessed by brother Tomo Anđić.

The 2007-2008 academic school year bega nin our own school with 526 pupils (13 primary classes (from grades  1 to 4) 1 extended after hours program and 11 elementary classes (from grades 5 to 8)) and 55 employees. This year Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School has got 530 pupils divided into 25 classes (13 primary classes from grades 1 to 4, and 12 elementary classes from grades 5 to 8). There is an extedned after hours program for grades one and two. There are 68 employees. There is no end to our joy! Our school is very nice. It is one oft he ten most beautifl building sin 2007 (according to the Croatian Architectural Society). However, the pupils, teachers, parents and friends make it even nicer.

Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School covers ana rea of 5310 m2 . It has got 18 classrooms (9 Primary classrooms, three are used by „Leptir“ Children's Day Care, Sesvete. Aswell as classrooms there are specially designed areas such as: a primary staff room, an elementary staff room, the secretary's office, the support staff office, the accounting office, the library, 12 cabinets, a large modern kitchen, the serving kitchen, the dining area, and an assembly area with seats. The school is fully accessible as it has lift and classrooms are designed to accomodate dissabilities. As part of the school, there is also a large dividable school gymnasium (622 m2) with changerrooms and a smaller gymnasium for excersises (386 m2). The school grounds are 11.329 m2 and encompas a polivajnal sportcourt, yard, green area, parking and emergency fire route.

Day by day ... grade;

Grade by grade … years;

Year by year … life!

In the 2008-2009 school year, Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School celebrated its 25th birthay, and its 145 years as a school in Sesvete.

Principal Mandica Rajković

School Logo

School Logo

Brojač posjeta
Ispis statistike od 22. 6. 2010.

Ukupno: 1062720


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