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We Won First Place at the Origami Competition

Wikimedia Commons

Our school Origami Team ''Sesvete's Caves'' won first place in both events on April 7th at the First Croatian Origami Congress in Sisak. Our school was represented by Mario Toliæ (7a), Karla Šimuniæ (6b) and Tihana Vučiæ (6b) under the guidance of their mentor, teacher Željka Šprljan Pskač. Read more about the program and the competition.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 5. 5. 2017. 00:17

Shopska salad

Shopska salad

Our intern Adriana from the Bulgarian capital writes about a magnificent salad named after the region in which she lives.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 8. 3. 2017. 00:21

Bulgarian currency - lev (лев)

Our intern from Bulgaria writes about currency of her country.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 11. 12. 2016. 23:35

Skyping With a School in the USA

We have already Skyped twice from our school library, with a teacher and his students in America (the United States of America). We got to know each other and asked many questions about each other's personal lives. Some of us even sang!

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 24. 11. 2016. 04:55

We're off to the nationals!


Our school co-op group IZVOR won first place in the Regional Co-op Competition for the City of Zagreb last year and are now going on to the national competition.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 17. 9. 2016. 13:13

The university of Bologna

Foto: M. Biruš

It is an honor for our school to co-operate with the University of Bologna for the second consecutive year. It is represented here by its students, our interns.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 9. 5. 2016. 22:14

We saw the magic of Zagreb and its Legends

The 5th, 6th and 7th graders visited the sights related to the legends of Zagreb on Saturday, April 23rd 2016.
The Tourist attraction "Zagreb Time Machine" enabled us the better view to the legends.

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objavio: MARIJAN FITZ  datum: 29. 4. 2016. 08:20

Erasmus goes on - "The Secrets of European capitals” are slowly revealing

At the end of February, we had the second mobility. In fact, on Wednesday, February 24th early in the morning, a small expedition of our school set out to a thousand kilometers long journey to the city Bratsa in Bulgaria. The Students Luka Glavendekiæ and Marko Miliæ from 5B and the teachers Boris Bakariæ, Domagoj Brlečiæ and Marijan Fitz sat into the car and drove off to Bulgaria.

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objavio: MARIJAN FITZ  datum: 5. 4. 2016. 08:46

The Debate Club of Our School

Our school has established a Debate Club this school year. We would like to bring you a brief report on our first steps in this interesting, informative and loud world of debate. We look forward to further work ad to competitions. This year, our school has created a Debate Club.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 4. 2016. 22:54

Foreign interns this semester

This year, we are again hosting interns from other European countries in the Erasmus + program. Their stay here is pleasant and bennificial to both them and to us.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 4. 2016. 22:20

The First Meeting of the Multilateral Project: in Vilnius

As part of the multilateral Erasmus + project in which our school is participating, we set off on our first mobility task and our representitives got together for a meeting in Lithuania.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 4. 2016. 22:13

Mary's Meals Evening

On Thursday, Demember 3, 2015, a ceremony was held at the National University Libray in order to choose the best greeting card for Mary's Meals.
Of the 122 entries, the three best were selected. Among them was our Mirjam Omaziæ from 7 c.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 4. 2016. 22:07

''I came back because I love this country!''


In December, Julia Moreno Bodelón had compleated her practicum as a pre-school teacher, but she has come back to Croatia because she says that she really likes it here.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 4. 2016. 22:01

Riga – home to the first decorated Christmas tree

Who doesn`t love Christmas? Everybody has their own reason to love this holiday – for some this reason is presents, for others it is being with family and loved ones, but for some it may be decorating the most amazing Christmas tree. Who started this tradition which  has now become such a huge part of the Holiday?
Our intern from this city, Lina Birže, presents it.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 14. 3. 2016. 16:40

Tuesday the 13th

This day is considered a day of bad luck in the Greek culture. Why? Our intern from Greece, Antonios Boumpas, explains.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 10. 3. 2016. 16:58

Galicia and Town of Santiago de Compostela

In our numismatic collection in the geography/history classroom you can see the Spanish euro coin with a picture of a church on it. This is the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. We also have a shell, emblem of St James, worn by pilgrims, in our ethnographic collection. For centuries, Santiago de Compostela has been the destination of thousands of pilgrims who walk there by foot in order to visit the Cathedral and to pray there. Our intern from Spain, Julia Moreno Bodelón writes about her town and region Galicia.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 12. 10. 2015. 17:51

Victory in the European Language Label Competition

The European Language Label Competition was organized by the Agency for Mobility and EU programs on the iniciative of the European Comission. Our school won first place and had the maximum number of points!

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 3. 10. 2015. 17:40

Our intern Tereza's first impressions of Zagreb and Croatia


Our intern from the Czech Republic, Tereza, shares her first impressions of life in Croatia.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 3. 10. 2015. 17:36

University of Hradec Králové

Our intern from the Czech Republic, Tereza Klímová, tells us about her university.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 25. 9. 2015. 00:07

The University of Veliko Tarnovo

Our intern from Bulgaria, Georgi Tsachev, writes us about his university.  

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 25. 9. 2015.


Our intern from Bulgaria, Georgi Cachev, writes us about his country.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 24. 9. 2015. 23:59

Our intern Noora's first impressions of Croatia

One of our interns, Noora Harkio from Finland, writes about her first impressions of Croatia.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 24. 9. 2015. 20:03

Literary matinée at the Residence of the Ambassador of Finland

... featuring as special guest the award-winning Finnish author Sofi Oksanen, by our intern from Finland

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 17. 9. 2015. 11:42


Our intern from Crete, Dimitrios Ksilouris, writes us about his island.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 28. 5. 2015. 11:46

Bologna - Bononia - Bulaggna

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 28. 5. 2015. 11:29

Firenze - Florentia

Galleria degli Uffizi   :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 20. 5. 2015. 23:45

Our school co-op „IZVOR“

Our school student co-op group ''IZVOR'' took part in the 13th Annual Regional Student Co-op Competition for the City of Zagreb. It was held on the 17th April at  Žitnjak Elementary School in Zagreb.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 5. 5. 2015. 19:39

Cretan lyra

Our Erasmus+ programme  student, Dimitrios Xilouris,  from Crete is reporting about the Cretan lyra – a fabulous instrument from Byzantine times. Dimitris' family has a long tradition of keeping and using this instrument.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 21. 4. 2015. 00:48

Caceres and its History

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 21. 4. 2015. 00:47


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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 20. 4. 2015. 23:34


Alhambra   :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 20. 4. 2015. 23:21

Italian cuisine is known worldwide

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Italian cuisine is known worldwide. Our Erasmus+ trainee Costanza Tonti from Ancona told us about it. Enjoy!

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 13. 1. 2015. 20:50

Italian cultural week


Italian cultural day was held this month at our school. A variety of activities and presetations marked the week.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 18. 12. 2014. 16:22

What's on the Other Side of Adriatic Sea

Port of Ancona

Costanza Tonti, our Eurasmus+ trainee,  told us about the area  where she is from.  She lives in Italy near the city of Ancona, which is located  exactally opposite the Croatian city of Zadar, if you travell across the Adriatic Sea. One can say that we are neighbours. Throughout history, Ancona was tied to the Croatian coast, so that Croatians had given it the name ''Jakin''. Today, ships from Zadar and Split sail to and from Ancona daily.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 1. 12. 2014. 22:22

Silver Jubilee of the Fall of the Berlin Wall: An Interview with our Erasmus+ Assistant from Italy

1989 was a year of surprises for on November 23, the boarder between communist Germany and democratic-capitalistic  Germany was opened. That same day marked the tearing down of the Berlin Wall which had stopped the free movement of people between the two parts of Berlin, the two countries of Germany, and a divided Europe. After half a century and uncounted sacrifices, communism in Europe fell. Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia which fell into a violent war after the fall of communism) and Italy were considered enemy countries until the fall of the Wall. Today both are full members of a united Europe where one can travel, study and live freely. The University of Macerata in Italy has put this into practice by allowing student Costanza Tonti to come and gain experience at our school in Sesvetska Sopnica.
It is with great pleasure that we speak to our guest from across the Adriatic Sea, who now works at our school thanks to a program funded by the European Union called ''Erasmus+''.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 10. 11. 2014. 22:26

A weekend in Bulgaria


Our assistant from Italy, Costanza Tonti, visited the bulgarian capital Sofia. She enjoyed the trip!

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 5. 11. 2014. 21:56

Artist of the Month: Joan Mirķ i Ferrà

Joan Miró i Ferrà (Barcelona, 20. April 1893. – Palma de Mallorca, 25. December 1983.), catalonian painter, skulpturer and ceramic abstract artist – neorealistic works lyrical characteristics.      

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 14. 10. 2014. 10:37

Teachers' Day

In Marija Bistrica

The staff of Sesvetska Sopnica Elemetary School once again mark World Teacher's day with a day of learning and workshops in Marija Bistrica.

''An average teacher talks. A good teacher explains. A very good teacher demonstrates. An excellent teacher inspires.''
(William Arthur Ward)

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 10. 2014. 11:30

Teacher Thomas and Friends On Their Journey Around the World: The USA

In the library

Our last year's Comenius assistant Thomas Hütten paid us a visit the other day on his way back home to Germany. Due to his love of travelling, he had visited many countries  since he left last June. He told us all about his travelles once more in a presentation called, ''Teacher Thomas and Friends on Their Journey Around the World''.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 26. 9. 2014. 10:33

A Taste of Canada in our Staffroom

The primary English teacher at our school is a native speaker. Teacher Melinda Tupek grew up in Toronto, Canada and worked as a primary teacher there for many years before immigrating to Croatia. This summer our Geography teacher, Marijan Biruš, visited Canada for himself. The two teachers teamed up together and brought a taste of Canada to our school.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 25. 9. 2014. 10:29

The Arrival of our Italian Assistant

speach in italian

Our assistant, who is part of the European Union's program Erasmus+, arrived from Italy today. We hope to get to know each other better through work and social events during the first semester this year.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 12. 9. 2014. 10:49

Oscars of Knowledge Awarded to the National Campions

Tomislav Božiæ, a student at our school is one of the youngest students who has received an Oscar of Knowledge this school year!

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 18. 6. 2014. 20:35

Sopnica once again in Europe - our student, Tomislav Božiæ placed first in Croatia in the National Traffic Safety Competition

The XXII National Traffic Safety Competition was held in Rovinj from the 20th to the 23rd of May 2014. 84 students (42 girls and 42 boys) competed from 21 counties.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 29. 5. 2014. 20:57

Aid for the Flood Victims

On Tuesday 27 of May, 2014 the humanitarian aid that had been collected in our school library for the flood victims had been transported to Zagreb's Caritas office (Avenija Dubrava 220). A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped out in this event!
This is what our students wrote about the event. You can read their accounts or watch the short video.  Just click on opširnije.
Humanitarian aid for the flood victims collected by Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School – video.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 28. 5. 2014. 21:12

The Exchange of the Comenius Assistants

Discussion about cheating and corruption

Our school hosted  a Comenius assistant from Germany, while at the  Industrial-Buisness School in Karlovac hosted an assistant from Finland. Both schools are in the process of organizing a visiting exchange of assistants which would be of value for students, teachers and assistants alike.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 21. 5. 2014. 11:17

When Condors Fly Above the Mountains...

Aymara from Bolivia

The grade six classes were very fortunate to have Mr. Wilfredo Villca Vincenti as our guest today. He plays traditional First nation's Indian music from Bolivia. His presentation not only let our students complete their picture of Latin America, which was the topic of study in Geography,  but they also got a chance to see wind and precussion intruments in use. It was a geat way of combining Music with Geography.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 12. 5. 2014. 20:39

Friendship Between Magogo and Sopnica

Message from Sopnica to Magogo

Mrs. Maja Sansoviæ, a volonteer in Tanzania, was once again our guest at Sesvetska Sopnica School. The grade six classes, who had learned about Africa, got to know how children their age (from the Masai tribe) live and go to school in Magogo, the small village in Tanzania.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 10. 5. 2014. 20:46

At School A Hundred Years Ago

Four grade seven students along with their parents and teachers, found out what classes were like in school a hundred years ago. They visited the Croatian School Museum and the Croatian National Theatre where they saw the original Baška tablet.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 5. 5. 2014. 20:19

Our Easter and Đurđevdan Traditions

The staff and students of our school are a reflection of our community Sesvetska Sopnica. This is an extension of the area of Zagreb where our school is located. This is an area of strong imigration. Here people come from different parts of Croatia and neighbouring countries.  There are different nationalities and religions which have brought their customs and traditions. Today, man of these traditions are very similar if not the same, while others are very different. After sharing with you our Christmas traditions, we have gathered some of our Easter traditions and the traditions of Đurđevdan from the Roma population. Both Easter and Đurđevdan are celebrated in spring because of the wakening of nature after the winter ''lifelessness''.
Even though we have not covered all areas from where our population comes, our students, parents and grandparents have written a few accounts of their traditions. It is an ethnographic picture of the area in which we live.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 12. 4. 2014. 20:26

The Traffic Safety Group in the TV Program Full Circle

On Friday the 11th of April 2014, the Traffic Safety Group of our school was on the TV program  Full Circle on channel HTV .

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 11. 4. 2014. 11:57

The XII Annual Student's Co-op Fair for the City of Zagreb

On Friday April 4, 2014, our school hosted the XII Annual Student's Co-op Fair for the City of Zagreb. Eighteen elementary schools, two high schools, and six special needs schools participated in the Regional Fair. All the schools competed for the chance to be one of the top three who will go on to compete at the Country Fair.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 9. 4. 2014. 23:57

The Grade Seven School Excursion to Varaždin and Trakošæan

Franciscan baroque church

On Friday March 28, the grade seven students went on a school excursion to Varaždin and Trakošæan.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 31. 3. 2014. 23:48

Our Comenius Assistant Has Arrived

This year, we again have a Comenius assistant in our school. He also comes from Germany, as did our assistant last year. His name is Thomas Hütten, and he is from Bochum.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 19. 3. 2014. 23:42

The Grade Two Classes Visit the Prigorje Museum in Sesvete

The grade two classes visited the Prigorje Museum in Sesvete where the saw the exhibit ''What's that on the plate?'' They saw traditional food from the Prigorje area as well as old, antique tablewear.  The Ethnological Museum introduced them to the traditions connected with Prigorje weddings.  After the museum, they visited Sesvete's Library. Biserka the librarian told them everything about the library.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 13. 3. 2014. 15:15

Our film: Killed by cheat sheet

After many months of editing and a hold up with the musical recording, we have finally finished the film. This product is entirely the  result of our work; from the ideas, the script, the filming, and creating the music, to the splicing, editing and the translation into English.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 1. 3. 2014. 12:15

Indonesia In Our School

Balinese dance

Our school received a welcomed visit from the consulate members of the Indonesian Embassy in Croatia today. We had already studied Indonesia in Geography class at school, and then we got to meet some of it's peoples. This meeting was unforgettable because of a demonstration of  Balinese dancing. Croatian national television made a report about it.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 2. 2014. 18:43

Our Christmas Traditions

The students and teachers of Sesvetska Sopnica are a reflection of our neighbourhood. Our neighbourhood is comprised of many immigrants;  some of which come from different regions of Croatia while others come from neighbouring countries.  Each group of immigrants have their own nationality, religion and traditions. These traditions today are very similar, but was it always so?  The students researched the traditions of their grandparents in their youth. The information which was collected is not a true ethnograph study and all regions are not represented. However, we got a colourful picture of the most important traditions.


  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 19. 12. 2013. 18:35

Marko Polo and Company Travel to Asia

Accompanying Marko Polo on his journey to Asia today were our grade six students! The grade six class came to the library where they formally set of on their ''voyage''. Marko Polo's ship sailed from Venice and returned twenty-four years later! On his traveles, Marko had encountered many different lands and people who Europeas had never before seen. His journey would change the world.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 14. 11. 2013. 21:26

Skype: A Conversation with Lofoten

Today our grade seven class comunicated via Skype with friends from the Lofoten Islands, which are located in Northern Norway. They found out that their friends are now in a period of 24 hour darkness, that a storm was raging and that the temperature was a chilling -5° C. Our friends found out that our class had just written a history test and that they were going to a presentation about the opera.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 14. 11. 2013. 21:22

Theatre Tirena – ''Running Away Isn't The Answer''

On Friday 18th of October 2013, the theatre group Tirena performed at our school for our grade eight students. The performance was called ''Running Away Isn't The Answer'' and it was a great success.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 25. 10. 2013. 22:24

A Talk About Refugees

After hearing about the tragedy in Lampedusa, and the accident in the Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik this summer, we wanted to become better informed about asylum seekers. This is a big problem which has existed in Europe for the past ten years.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 23. 10. 2013. 23:52

Thanksgiving Day in Our School

On Friday October, 11 we celebrated Thanksgiving Day at our school. We gave thanks for the bounty of the earth, and also for our daily bread. In Croatia this is a special ''Day of Bread'' or ''Dan kruha''.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 14. 10. 2013. 11:37

Free Children and Parent Support Workshop

Divorce is a hurtful and stressful time for both children and the parents of a family.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 10. 10. 2013. 11:54

The School Co-op Group Attends the Remete Fall Fair

The students and teachers of Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School's Co-op group ''IZVOR'' (''Fresh Water Spring'') represented our school at the ''Day of Bread'' and Thanksgiving Day Fall Fair in Remete on September 29th, 2013.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 10. 10. 2013. 11:45

My First Book

Book exibition

On Thursday September 26, 2013, Iris Mrkonjiæ, a second grade pupil at our school attended a competition entitled ''My First Book''.  This competition was held in the Zorin Theatre in Karlovac. It was organized by the Center for Neo-Humanistic Studies in Karlovac.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 2. 10. 2013. 19:15

Project ''The Sea is Alive'', a Presentation

On Wednesday September 13, 2013, a prezentation was held in our school library entitled ''The Sea is Alive''. This event was presented by Maja Novosel, a marine biologist.
Dr. Maja Novosel is the president of the Ecology Research Organization Paks and the head of the Biology Department at the Science and Maths University in Zagreb. She has a masters and a doctorate degree in the field of Biological-Ecological Engeneering. She is an experienced diver (R3 rating) and has organized and lead Ecological workshops entitled ''Getting to Know the Adriatic Sea and its Live World'' for many years.
Read more about the interview with Dr. Maja Novosel through the link below.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 30. 9. 2013. 19:25

School and the Museum: An Exhibition of Gradec's guilded chests

Today is the opening of a small exhibit of Gradec's guilded chests at our school. Gradec is a historical town  from Zagreb's past and this event was made possible through the co-operation of Zagreb's City Museum.  The exhibition is comprised of children's works from a variety of schools and day-care centers from the City of Zagreb.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 4. 9. 2013. 11:28

Raising the Standard of Living in Sopnica and Retkovec

The students of our school united together in beautifying our school grounds. These activities took place on our School Opening Day (17. 5.), Enchanted Plants Day (18. 5.) and Protect the Environment Day in Croatia (22. 5.).

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 5. 6. 2013. 21:31

I Live in Europe

On Tuesday May 28, our school cook had prepared cheese cake,  (KÄSEKUCHEN in German) or  traditional German Cheese Cake for dessert as a farewell to our Comenius assistant Simone König. In this way we end our cycle: ''I Live in: Prigorje, Croatia and Europe“.  We got to eat Thin Cheese Strudle, Fritule and German Cheese Cake. Good appitite!

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 25. 5. 2013. 17:34

Portuguese Lesson

On Tuesday we had ''borrowed'' a Comenius assistant from Lovre Matačiæa Elementary School. Mr. Óscar Gonçalves form Portugal then conducted four hours of classes at our school. He taught Geography to the grade seven students teaching them about Portugal, his homeland, while he taught the grade five students about rocks and minerals.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 6. 5. 2013. 17:40

''There are no differences between us except culture and belief''


The grade  six  students of Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School visited Lauder-Hugo Kon Jewish Elementary School in order to learn more about the Jewish culture.  We learned about each other and had a lot of fun together.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 29. 4. 2013. 09:02

I Live in Croatia

On Monday April 15th, our school cook had prepared FRITULE for dessert.  FRITULE are a traditional dessert from the Dinaric Alps area of Croatia.

Photo: Flickriver

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 9. 4. 2013. 17:23

A Local Folklor Display ''What the Maidens Wore“


The inhabitants of Sesvetsko Prigorje lived very diffenent lives 80 years ago than they do today. They dressed differently too. The Prigorski Museum in Sesvete hosted an exhbit about what young girsl and married women wore in those days.

  :: opširnije :: 

objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 22. 3. 2013. 17:29

A Journey Through Toy Land

Horse Toy

The Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb hosted two toy exhibits: one from Poland and the other from Croatia's Zagorje, which UNESCO had proclaimed as  World Non-material Herritage. We looked at the regular displays, aswell as the displays of Asia and Oceania. We drew our own masks based on Oceanic ones, and after learning about them through a presentation and the internet, we met a nun from the Solomon Islands.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 19. 3. 2013. 00:10

Skype: A Conversation with Bremen

On Thursday via Skype, we spoke to the students of Roter Sand High School in Germany.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 16. 3. 2013. 21:31

Solomon Islands, First Hand

The questions from basket

We were lucky to welcome an honoured guest at our school, sister Marinka Balatariæ, who works at Solomon Islands. After preparing for the meeting in the areas of Religion, Geography and other subjects, our meeting with sister Marinka not only enriched our knowledge, but also allowed us to see ourselves. In other words, to see our lives and to compare them with that of others.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 16. 3. 2013. 21:25

Irish Spectacular

Our school was  forturnate enough to host an ''Irish Day''.  Our guest, Mr. Paul O'Grady pepared an educational presentation of Irish culture encompasing  a short history, economic situation, traditions and other cultural aspects.   The most interesting part was learning about the Irish language and singing songs in both Irish and English. The high point of the event was a folk dance with about two hundred participants. It was a real Irish spectacular! The grade seven and eight students were so enthusiastic  that, although the event was over, they continued dancing during the break.  Here are some of their thoughts on this event:

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 16. 3. 2013. 18:24

Yet Another Sport Trophy

The students of Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School have won second place in the City of Zagreb.

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objavio: Ines Maršiæ  datum: 14. 3. 2013. 18:03

I live in Prigorje

In cooperation with the Prigorje Museum in Sesvete, our school cafeteria will occasionally prepare traditional foods from Sesvetska Prigorja. On Tuesday March 12, we will be having ''Tenka Gibanica'' or thin cheese strudle for desert.

Thin cheese strudle was very popular in many areas. It was eaten on ordinary days but also for special occasions. It was eaten before working in the fields, for Christmas, for Easter and for weddings. It was eaten as the main meal or as a desert. It is make from flour, cheese, cream eggs, sugar, salt and lard or oil.






(Photographs: Marica Draženoviæ)

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 7. 3. 2013. 17:44

The History of our Town

King Andrew II of Hungary

Sesvetska Sopnica From Its Begings Until Today


More Than Eight Hundred Years of Town History

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 23. 1. 2013. 20:48

A Meeting With A Bear!

The gem of European nature is preserved in Croatia – that is the brown bear. The brown bear is european largest mammal. It has been seen in the mountainous regions of Croatia, on the mountain Velebit in the middle of the day! Take a look at two meetings with the brown bear at virtually the same spot (video and photo).


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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 11. 10. 2012. 21:37

The Autumn Equinox

The equinox

On the 23rd September, the Earth was in such a position relative to the Sun, that day was equally as long as night (12 hours) through the entire world. Only twice a year does the Sun rise exactally in the East and set precisely in the West. One of these days is September 23rd.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 29. 9. 2012. 12:25

Unbeatable - First Place in Sesvete Traffic Safety

Our school was host to the Traffic Safety Competition for the town of Sesvete. The competitions was organized with the help of the Sesvete Auto-Club. Eight school from the area of Sesvete participated, and the first three places in all categories were taken by the students form our school! Our students have once again shown great agility and knowledge.

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objavio: Gordana Ivšinoviæ  datum: 29. 5. 2012. 00:08

Hour Long Musical about African-croatian Meeting

An angel is descending

On May 17 th, 2007, our school celebrated its fifth birthday with a volleyball tournament between the teachers and students. This was followed by the presentation of our school musical which encompassed singing, dancing and drama by the older and younger pupils alike. This process reqiures a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it! It was a great succes!

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 17. 5. 2012. 17:28

First Place in Zagreb's Student Club Competitions

The tenth annual student Cooperative Festival from the city of Zagreb was held on Friday 27th of April 2012 at Vukomerec Elementary School.  Over 30 student cooperatives from a variety of schools, had participated. There were cooperatives from elementary, highschool and schools for children with special needs.

Our school was the best!

Congratulations to all students and teachers who participated!

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objavio: Ivana Æuro  datum: 30. 4. 2012. 23:55

First Place in Zagreb Cross-Country Running

cross-country running

On Sunday 22nd  of April 2012, the traditional Cross-Country Race was held at Lake Bundek. It was organized by Sportskih Novosti and the Croatian Athletic Assosiation.  Over 3000 students from both elementary and secondary schools from all over Croatia crossed the finish line. There were even some students from Zagreb's universities.

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objavio: Katarina Popek  datum: 24. 4. 2012. 00:03

Tanzania: There Where One Can Hardly Wait For the Beginning of School

Class in Tanzania

Imagine children who can hardly wait for the beginning of the school year! The night before they sleep in school uniforms with their backpack on their backs. What's wrong with them? Why do they like school so much? Let's go to Tanzania!

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 18. 4. 2012. 11:43

Studying Until You Can't

to much study

''I don't study at all!“ – is a statement that a few of our students could say about themselves (but we are working to reduce this number!). And while they  ''live it up“ , they may not know about the other side. Members of the Eco-Club met her at a film showing ''The Doors of China“ at the recent Zagrebdox.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 14. 4. 2012. 23:49

Live from Finland

This Friday, our school hosted the Regional Teacher Education Meeting for teachers of geography in the East-Zagreb area. In a three hour meeting, we learned about the Finish educational system. We also had a chance to "meet“ with our collegues from Finland over the computer.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 26. 3. 2012. 11:37

We are First in the Croatian Red Cross Competition

On Saturday 24th of May 2012, for the third year in a row, our school was host to the local Croatian Red Cross Competition. Our school won first place, while second went to Sesvete Elementary School. With these outstanding results, our school placed for the regional competiton.

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objavio: ŽELJKA BEDENICKI  datum: 26. 3. 2012. 00:57

First Place in Zagreb Table Tennis

Luka Martinek, Mislav Martinek and Domagoj Mariæ are the first place team in Zagreb Table Tennis for students grades 5 to 8. The final competition will be held on 24. 3. 2012 at Pavlek Miškina School.

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objavio: Ines Maršiæ  datum: 24. 3. 2012. 00:18

Unforgettable – "My Africa“

We had an unusual guest at our school today – Father Odilon Singbo from Benin. He joined us for an African celebration in our school hall, which ties into our school project this year:  Africa.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 22. 3. 2012. 16:42

Photo Competition "Water"

World Water Day is held on the 23 of March and this year a photo contest was organized on this theme. Any student may compete but with a limit of 3 photographs each. The best ones will be displayed on the pinboard in the upstairs school corridor. Photos must be submitted on a USB by Monday March 19, 2012.
Everyone is welcome to participate and good luck to all!


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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 8. 3. 2012. 13:19

A Sky Spectacular

This nights are warm and clear, and darkness falls relatively early. This is an ideal combination for star gazing, especially if you can also see four planets from our solar system at the same time.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 3. 3. 2012. 13:46

More than just Fun!

On Friday we were honoured with a guest from Finland.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 21. 2. 2012. 19:30

Sopnica's Igloo

In this season of snow, Sopnica has taken on an unusual look because snow, due to global warming, has become a rarity. Today we were fascinated by the whiteness, snow on the pine trees, on the roof tops, narrow partways on the side walks from which white walls rise... In our part of the world a rariety has blossomed.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 13. 2. 2012. 20:15

The Adriatic Sea Puppet Play

The Adriatic Sea is the pearl of Croatia and Europe. This year as well as last year, we preformed puppet plays on this theme.



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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 10. 12. 2011. 21:00

Saint Nicholas at Our School

On December 6th we received an old guest: Saint Nicholas. This time, however, he was not alone. He was accompanied by seven helpers who led us 1700 years into the past where we participated in events with happiness, dissappointment, faith, tears, sacrifice, surprise and lond applause. Take a look at the play:


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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 8. 12. 2011. 20:47

Rememberance of the Fall of Vukovar (1991-2011)


On Thursday 17th, and Friday 18th of November we remembered the city of Vukovar with the lighting of many candles.


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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 21. 11. 2011. 11:56

Curricular Excursions

Bašča, island of Krk

The grade 8 pupils have again had the opportunity of curricular excursion to Gorski kotar and Kvarner (northern part of the Adriatic sea).

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 18. 10. 2011. 12:22

Teachers' Day


In 1994, UNESCO declared October the 5th as a worldwide Teachers' Day. This year the school staff, teachers and technical staff, marked the day with a field trip to Lepoglava and Varaždin.

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objavio: Marijan Biruš  datum: 7. 10. 2011. 23:59
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