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Ispis statistike od 22. 6. 2010.

Ukupno: 1048362
Danas: 41

Victory in the European Language Label Competition

The European Language Label Competition was organized by the Agency for Mobility and EU programs on the iniciative of the European Comission. Our school won first place and had the maximum number of points!

We won a prize of a 3000 HRK  gift certificate and the right to use the official logo of the organizors. We presented our work at the awards ceremony along with other winning schools.
The European Commission recommends learning at least two foreign languages. It argues that learning only English is no longer enough for today’s workforce.  In a country with developed tourism as Croatian, the labor market is continuously looking for people with a knowledge of foreign languages. There are few schools like ours in Croatia in which foreign languages are taught by a native speaker.  In addition to our native speaking English teacher Melinda Tupek, the placement of foreign students in our school is an additional privilege for our last year’s pupils, parents and the school staff. In addition to the organization of practical training for our foreign students, we are also engaged in competitions and host a variety of presenters of foreign cultures such as Ireland, Bolivia, Indonesia and the United States to name a few. In addition, our school Web page, which is in Croatian, is translated into two additional languages: English and German. We frequently talk with people in other countries ‘’via Skype " and participate in the E-twinning project  ‘’Say cheese ".

The students of the  Varaždin Economic School performed a song by Jelena Radan in sign language.

These are our representatives at the awards distrubution.

Our princpal receives the first place award.

The presentation of our winning project.

A group photo of the students who are currently doing their internship with us.

A short video showing some of the activities which which we won the competition (in Croatian).

Pošalji prijatelju Pošalji prijatelju
objavio: Marijan Biruš   datum: 3. 10. 2015.

School Logo

School Logo

Brojač posjeta
Ispis statistike od 22. 6. 2010.

Ukupno: 1048362


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