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Weekends in the sports gym

The Municipal Office for Education, Kulture and Sport, due to improve standards for pupils in elementary schools as of September 2007, began to implement a program of extra-curricular sport activities under the name ''Weekends in the Sports Gym“. The opening of school sports gymnasiums created the conditions necessary for a large number of pupils to become involved in sport activities, especially those who were not part of any existing teams or clubs.

In the City of Zagreb, 55 elementary schools and about 11 000 pupils are enrolled in the program. Interest in the program ranges from 30% to 60% of pupils in individual schools. 56 professional coaches are employed with title of Kineziologist or Physical Education Teacher.

Sport activities are completely free for pupils and are held Saturdays, weekday afternoons and between classes around noon. Content is adapted to pupil interest, availability and capacity the gymnasium. Schools included in the „Weekends in the Sports Gym“ program are divided into 6 regions, each of which has 7 to 10 schools.

During the school year 11 recreational sports events are organized for pupils to complete in the final competitions with other schools from the city of Zagreb.

The City is determined, through this program, to open the doors of all school gymnasiums in the City of Zagreb in order to provide organized free time for pupils near their homes. Through this effort they hope to encourage the social cohesion of all pupils in individual schools, build a sports spirit within the schools and thus revitalize the neighbourhood and enhance the bonds of community.

The co-ordinator for this program in Sesvetska Sopnica Elementary School is Katarina Španić, B.Ed.

If you have any questions tied to this program, be it parent or pupil, please feel free to contact our co-ordinator:

School Logo

School Logo

Brojač posjeta
Ispis statistike od 22. 6. 2010.

Ukupno: 1062709


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